TrueBrew™ Red Rye

TrueBrew™ Red Rye

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What a joy! This red ale is rich and complex. A judicious amount of rye brings out a delectable spicy quality that plays terrifically well with the hops in this beer. This mahogany colored beer brings the flavor with layers of different rye malts and caramel malt that finishes crisp and clean. Have another? Rye not?!

2 oz Weyermann® Chocolate Rye
4 oz Weyermann® CARARYE®
4 oz Patagonia Caramel 190L
2 × 3.3 lb Briess CBW® Rye LME
1 oz Northern Brewer Pellets - Bittering
1 oz Liberty Pellets - Aroma
11.5 g Fermentis Safale US-05
5 oz Priming Sugar
55 ct Bottling Caps
Muslin Bag

IBUs: 22
ABV: 4.7%
OG: 1.050
FG: 1.014
SRM/COLOR: 15/Amber
READY: 2-4 Weeks

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