Fermfast Dualfine Finings Clearing Aid

Fermfast Dualfine Finings Clearing Aid

  • $ 3.99

Fermfast Dualfine is a 2-stage fining kit sized to dose 5-6 gallons of beer or wine. Each kit includes separate packets of liquid Kieselsol and liquid Chitosan finings. The combination of fining agents accelerates the sedimentation of yeast and other particulates, leaving the beverage brilliantly clear in 12-48 hours. Dualfine may not clear pectin hazes or cloudiness caused by hard water.

Dualfine is LD Carlson's new replacement product for LiquorQuik's Super-Kleer K.C. finings.

The Chitosan in Dualfine is a shellfish derivative.

Recommended Usage:

Add the Kieselsol to the beverage after fermentation, and stir gently. Wait 1-24 hours. Dissolve the liquid Chitosan in 1 fl oz of warm water. Gradually add the diluted Chitosan solution over a 30-second period, stirring gently. Allow the beverage to clear completely. Clearing time is typically 12-48 hours.