Clean Bottle Express® Wine & Beer Bottle Brush

Clean Bottle Express® Wine & Beer Bottle Brush

  • $ 11.99

This drill powered bottle brush is awesome! The all-plastic stem is safer for use in glass bottles and fits a standard 3/8 " drill chuck. The cloth is not replaceable, but pricing is reasonable, so no worries! Works in standard beer and wine bottles.


Insert the shaft of the brush into a 3/8" cordless drill motor.  MAKE SURE THE BOTTLE BRUSH IS WET. Then insert the bottle brush into the neck of the bottle, folding back the paddles. Turn on the drill motor slowly by using short pulses and gently pushing the brush into the bottle at the same time. The bottle brush works best when there is no more than 3-4 inches of cleaning solution in the bottle. Also, do not force the brush into the bottom edges of the bottle. This may cause the end to break.

Manufactured in Michigan, USA by Third Coast Design Works