BIY's Chocolate Cherry Stout

BIY's Chocolate Cherry Stout

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The original BIY Chocolate Cherry (Drink and be Merry!) Stout, as seen brewed up by Joe on his YouTube channel

This is a big kit--almost 5 pounds of grain and just shy of 9 pounds of malt extract, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, 3 ounces of hops to balance it all out...  This beast is well worth the effort and the wait!  We call it an "Intermediate" kit, as you will need to perform a secondary fermentation while adding the cacao and vanilla.

IBUs: 35-37

OG: 1.068-1.070

FG: 1.015-1.020

ABV: 6.5-7%

Difficulty: Intermediate

Color: Black

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