Blichmann 27 Gallon Fermenator Conical (Tri-Clamp)

Blichmann 27 Gallon Fermenator Conical (Tri-Clamp)

  • $ 1,089.99

The Blichmann Fermenator is one of the first and only fermentors that features a weldless interior. With this comes no worries about bacteria hiding in your welds or the porosity of you welds, it's definitely not an issue when using the Fermenator. These conicals also preview a convenient waste valve in order for you to remove yeast and sediment, also featuring a rotating racking arm for transferring your beer. Everything that'll touch your beer is either heavy gauge stainless steel, or FDA approved silicone. The Blichmann Fermenator lets you go from primary to secondary fermentation without having to transfer to another fermentor.

The Tri-Clamp (tri-clover) fittings on the dump and racking valves. These are some of the most sanitary fittings in the industry, they have less threads and easy to disassemble and clean. 

Fermenator Conical Fermentor Features

  • Rotating Racking Arm: Start with the racking arm horizontal and rotate it downward until you are just getting yeast sediment.
  • Lid Hatch: Air tight and makes for an easy time to take samples or dry hopping etc.
  • Bolted Leg System: Chanel-shaped legs feature strength and clean appearance. The legs are attached to the tank wall rather than TIG-welding leaving the inside of your fermentor smooth and clean.
  • Folding Handles: Handles fold neatly away but also stay connected to the fermentor. (Do not try to move the 27 or 42 gallon fermentors when full)
  • Leg Extensions: This is an optional add-on that lift your fermentor 20 inches making transferring or cleaning a keg much easier.

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