BIY's Touch of Autumn IPA

BIY's Touch of Autumn IPA

  • $ 46.99

This complex IPA is just as mystical as its name.  Imagine yourself enjoying a bright, citrusy IPA in the month of September, and you happen to catch a cool breeze carrying the delicate scent of burning leaves...  That is what Joe was shooting for when designing this beer, and we think it carries through beautifully.  A nice amber colored, citrusy IPA with a hint of spicy rye, caramel notes, and a dash of peat smoked malt.  It is a beer that is complex in flavor but surprisingly light and sessionable, with the smoke being very subtle and soothing.

IBUs: 52-54

OG: 1.058-1.060

FG: 1.012-1.014

ABV: 5.5-6%

Difficulty: Easy

Color: Amber