6-Row 50lb / 25kg

6-Row 50lb / 25kg

  • $ 60.00

Because Briess has ceased making 6-row, we have transitioned to both Canada Malting and Rahr 6-row malt. If you have a preference, please call us before placing your order!

The enzymes are sufficient to support high percentages of specialty malts in the mash. Flavor contributions: mild, grainy, malty.

6-row barley has a much higher protein content and enzymatic power than 2-row barley. Inclusion of Standard 6-Row is therefore very advantageous for recipes calling for large proportions of specialty malts, wheat malts, or adjuncts, which have little or no enzymatic power themselves. 6-row barley is also used to match historical beer styles from settings where 2-row barley was not widely available. High proportions of 6-row barley may necessitate the use of adjuncts or require protein rests in mashing.

All of our grains ship whole (not milled) unless Grain Crushing has been added to your order. Please be sure to add the Grain Crushing service to your order if you required milled grains.