TerpsichoreanKid & The Basics of Home Brewing

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Joe, the owner of BIY Homebrew Supply, has been making YouTube videos for several years now on his channel TerpsichoreanKid, most of which pertain to home brewing and sharing the information every new brewer needs to get started. In doing so, he's helped quite a number of new brewers take the plunge and finally brew up their first batch.

Well--let's knock out this third person stuff... I'm here to help YOU get involved too! Brewing has been one of the most rewarding hobbies I've ever enjoyed, and in addition to that, I have saved a lot of money over the years. Great fun, good economics, absolutely awesome beer... Sounds like a winning combination in my book!

In addition to showing entire brew sessions from start to end, I developed a series on YouTube called "The Basics of Home Brewing." Within that series of videos, I show off every piece of equipment a starting brewer will need to know about, and briefly discuss what the item is used for and sometimes give a quick demonstration. Each video is very short--so you can find exactly what you're looking for very quickly, without having to scroll through a long video to find the information most pertinent to you. I also built a website for the series which can be found at www.BasicsOfHomeBrewing.com.

I invite you to check out my YouTube channel TerpsichoreanKid, and please subscribe, thumbs-up, and comment on my videos. I am always adding new videos, and I cover all kinds of ground. I even plan to offer specials and contests that only my YouTube subscribers will have access to--so subscribe and join in the fun!

Here's an example of what you'll find in my brewing series:

And here's an example of what you'll see in my "Basics of Home Brewing" series of videos:

CHEERS! And as we say on YouTube, 17!