Product Availability

We are very excited to offer a fully functioning web store that couples our in-store inventory with what's available online.  What that means is, for the most part, if you see it available online it should be available in the store.

Now--there are always exceptions so we cannot 100% guarantee in-store product availability--yeast expirations, someone buys the product in-store before you have a chance to get to the store, something breaks, product inventory mis-counts, website sync issues, someone stole a product that is listed as available but in reality it is being hauled by a deceitful brewer to go into their Wash of Doom...

Sorry--that was a bit much.

At any rate, we're stoked that we can proudly say that if you see it available online, it should be available in-store.  If you are driving from far away and want to be absolutely sure it's available--please give us a call to double check.

Pretty neat, eh?