Our Shipping Rates

We get asked a lot, "What's the cost to ship..." or "Why does it cost so much to ship..."  Hopefully this will help answer a few of those questions!

We have done a great deal of work in very accurately weighing out our products, and package your order in the smallest reused boxes as possible, in an effort to ensure you're paying the absolute very least in shipping each and every time.  This works great, and is typically pretty easy to calculate, when filling up a box with smaller items (for example, if you fill a small box completely full with small products, your cost of shipping per product is very small and the value is great).

Now--many of you know that in home brewing and wine making, there are some larger products that don't weigh very much (such as mash tuns, kettles, fermenting buckets, etc.)  The trouble with shipping these lightweight yet bulky items is due to a shipper operating with dimensional shipping.  In instances such as these, where a very lightweight item takes up very large box, the cost of the shipping rate is calculated based upon the dimensions of the box, not the actual weight of the box.  The majority of the time this increases the cost of shipping that particular item, which can be a huge problem for those of us on a budget.

We try our best to keep our shipping costs as low as possible--charging you what we are charged by our shipping providers (our online shipping calculators are directly tied into our shipper's rates system and feed both actual and dimensional weights into their system in order to pull your rate).  In some instances, it may be worth ordering your products for in-store pickup, especially if you're picking up a lot of carboys, buckets, or anything lightweight yet large.  Plus this way we get to see you and check in to see how your brew is coming along!

We hope that helps answer some questions about our shipping rates!  Never hesitate to contact us anytime with any questions you may have.

If you are curious about whether or not we ship internationally, please check out our FAQ page, which discusses just that thing!