Free In-Store Pickup

We're very happy to offer FREE in-store pickup for any of our customers!  As our in-store inventory is tied into our online inventory, this will make it very easy for anyone, whether local or far away, to be able to place an order and know we'll have it ready for pickup within 24-48 hours (typically it's only a couple hours though if the order was placed during our regular business hours!)

For our Iowa based customers, this is exceedingly simple--because you're in our home state, "Free In-Store Pickup" will automatically show up in your shipping options regardless of your "Shipping Address."  Just select it as your shipping option, finish and pay for your order, and you're done!

For customers outside of Iowa, there is just one extra step you need to do--when filling out your order details, put BIY's address (147 Marion Blvd #C, Marion IA 52302) in as your "Shipping Address," leaving your out of state home address as your billing address.  Proceed to the next page to pick your shipping option, and presto--"Free In-Store Pickup" will then be available.  Carry on and pay for your order, and you're done!

Thanks for supporting BIY, and never hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions you may have.