Centennial Hop Rhizome

Centennial Hop Rhizome

  • $ 5.99

Pre-order your hop rhizomes by March 31st for early April delivery!

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at growing and harvesting fresh hops, you've got to start with a quality hop rhizome.  These rhizomes are of the best quality, have 2-4 eyes minimum, and are typically 4-6" in length.  Actual size of the rhizomes vary because they are fresh clippings ready to be planted.

BIY highly recommends buying 2 or more of each rhizome you're interested in.  By planting a pair, you increase your chances of having an incredibly productive hop crop.

At the end of the day, growing hops is pretty easy.  Be sure to plant your rhizome in full sun, in well-drained soil, and be sure to give them something to grow up on.  In just a year or two they will become massive plants, providing awesome shade and, if all goes well, delicious fresh hops you can use in your brews!

Please note:

  • Rhizome orders are accepted only by pre-order online or in-store.  We cannot guarantee rhizome availability if not ordered in advance of the due date.
  • Your credit card will be charged in full at time of placing the order.  We will then ship out (or hold for you in-store if requested) immediately upon arrival.
  • Because hop rhizomes are living cultures, we cannot guarantee viability. The rhizomes we get are of the highest quality available--so if you have a green thumb, chances are they will grow just fine.
  • We highly recommend purchasing 2 or more of each variety you are interested in.  That way you maximize your chances of having a cutting take root and begin to grow. 
  • We unfortunately cannot ship rhizomes to HI, AK, WA or ID due to biological shipment restrictions.  Orders placed from these states will be canceled.


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