Lalvin and Red Star Wine Yeast Selection Cheat Sheet!

Posted by Joseph Williams on

A lot of folks stop by our shop asking about what dry wine yeast selection they should choose for their homemade fruit wines--and we're always happy to help!  Joe scoured the internet and has put together this awesome little dry wine yeast cheat sheet.  It's a one-stop glance at what Lalvin or Red Star freeze dried wine yeast you should use for whatever style of fruit wine you are looking to make.

This one sheet is a compilation from several difference sources, and is the main reference we use here in our physical stores (if you have stopped by, you undoubtedly would have seen them taped up on the yeast refrigerators!)  You can of course always check out the Lalvin or Red Star manufacturer pages for incredibly in-depth information on each yeast strain--but our sheet is a quick little cheat sheet that is handy for a quick reference based upon tried and true recipes.

We hope you enjoy it, and hope you pick up all your yeast and supplies from us here at BIY Homebrew Supply!

BIY Homebrew Supply's Wine Yeast Selection Cheat Sheet

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