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Hello YouTube Fans and BIY Shoppers!  I have been asked many times by email and comments on my YouTube channel (terpsichoreankid) about a parts list for my electric brewery setup I built and debuted on the channel.  It has taken me forever to get this list put together, but I THINK I have everything I used in my setup listed here.  If you find that I missed something, please let me know and I will update accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: this list is for reference only, and I cannot and will not guarantee parts compatibility and safety.  It is up to you to ensure all your parts are compatible and that everything is built, wired, and plumbed correctly.  If you are not familiar with working with high-voltage current, pipe fittings, etc. please do not attempt to build a setup like this by yourself.  You can kill yourself if you screw it up--so don't risk it.  Instead, call or email us here at BIY and we can custom order you a Blichmann or Grainfather electric brewing setup that is ready to go, plug-and-play style.

If you find that you are going to make the jump and build a setup, please be sure to buy as many parts from BIY as you can---it goes a long way for Nikki and I, and we really appreciate your support (both in YouTube views and financial support by purchasing from our shop).  Without your support, we can't keep doing what we do!

All the Amazon links on this page are affiliate links, and BIY makes a small percentage of each sale--so shop with BIY and with Amazon through our links to help support the shop!  EASY!

With that said--be safe, have fun, and brew on! 

~ Joe

The Parts Lists:

Boil Kettle:

Mash Tun:

Control Panel:

Wort Chiller:




  • A big, powerful vent fan
  • Ducting to fit your fan
  • An exhaust port for your fan
  • Duct Tape
  • Some sort of range hood (I wound up using a spare trash can lid for mine...)

You will also need a LOT of thread tape!!!

In addition to all of that above, you will also need a table or bench to put the brewery on, with a lower section for the pump to be mounted (the pump has to be mounted below your lowest liquid level, as they are not self-priming).  I raised my mash tun with a galvanized trash can, then used the lid as the vent hood for ventilation.

Best of luck with your build!  If it is all too overwhelming, give BIY a call or email and we can order you a plug-and-play system from pretty much any major manufacturer out there! 



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