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Thank you for your interest in helping BIY Homebrew Supply grow, supporting a local business, and growing our awesome and tasty hobby from the front lines! You, my friend, are AWESOME!

BIY exists solely because folks like you have continued to support us batch after batch, and for that we are incredibly thankful. Over the years, we hope you have seen our selection expand, our service get better, and our pricing get more and more competitive. It is through your support that we have been able to stick around, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

And that is precisely why we need your help! 

Even though we have grown, we still have a difficult time letting folks know we're here. Sure--it's easy to spend thousands of dollars on advertising, but that would mean we would have to raise our prices. That is something we clearly do not want to do. We want to offer the best prices, widest selection, and best service of any local homebrew shop around. As they say, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. A few kind words from you to a potential new BIY customer means a LOT to us!

Our new customer referral program is super easy to follow:

  • Your referral kit comes with this letter and several referral cards. Keep them on hand!

    • Write YOUR name and email address on the card when you hand them out to folks. That way we know who referred the new person to BIY and we can get you your earned credit!

  • The next time you are brewing or making wine with a friend who is looking to get started, let them know about BIY! Give them a referral card with YOUR referring information on it, and if they bring it in when they get started, you BOTH get discounts:

    • For Our Beer Brewers:

      • If the person you refer purchases a 5 gallon equipment kit and ingredient kit, you will receive a $10 credit, AND the person you referred to us will get $10 off that first purchase!

    • For Our Wine Makers:

      • If the person you refer purchases a 6 gallon equipment kit and ingredient kit, you will receive a $25 credit, AND the person you referred to us will get $25 off that first purchase!

It's just that easy to earn yourself some serious in-store credit! Just talk about BIY, hand out referral cards with your information on them, and you're all set--we will take care of the rest. Each week we will tally up referral cards and contact those folks who have earned credits. You can build up credits, or spend them as you make them--it's up to you! Referrals are everywhere--friends, family, coworkers, etc. How much you earn depends entirely upon how much you promote BIY!

Thank you again for supporting us and getting BIY's name out there! If you need more cards, let us know!


~ The BIY Team (Joe, Nikki and Matt)

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