Do you know how to properly say Wyeast's name? Or where they came up with that name?

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If you do, you're well ahead of most folks!  But if you don't--no need to worry.  Joe was tooling around on Wyeast's site looking for some new and interesting yeast strains, when he stumbled upon the answer to all of these questions.  Taken directly from their site, here it is:

Also, very important but known by few, is the meaning and pronunciation of our name,  "Wyeast" (pronounced why-east) which is derived  from a Klickitat Indian legend  that relates  to the origins of the geography of the Pacific Northwest to a tragic love triangle involving chief of the Klickitat, chief of Wy'east and the maiden Loo-wit, over whom the chiefs quarreled. This quarrel grew so fierce that the Great Spirit had to intervene, destroying the Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia River and turning Loo-wit into Mount St. Helens; Klickitat into Mt. Adams; Wy'east into Mount Hood. Wy'east is the peak that dominates Hood River’s southern horizon and gives us our sense of place.  The Great Spirit has also been good to us at Wyeast Laboratories and has given us a place in the fermentation industry.  We feel like we are on top of the world serving each and every customer with products for making beer, wine, cider, sake and any other imaginable fermented products.


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 Be sure to check out all their awesome yeast strains, and buy a couple to try out! 

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