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Posted by Joseph Williams on

Hello friends,

We just unveiled our latest website update--and we hope that you find it useful, easier to navigate, and most importantly, friendlier to multiple browsing platforms.  As much as we loved our last site, we found that it was very hard for folks on tablets and mobile devices to use--and this update is aimed to help alleviate those issues.  You should (as long as everything goes well!) find browsing much easier for mobile devices, as the entire site has gone to a more 'liquid' layout as they say.  Easier to read text, auto-resizing of images and layout, and a MUCH easier checkout system should make shopping on our site a smoother and quicker experience.  If you have opened an account on the site, it will process even faster as everything is saved on a secure server, and the design of the site will expedite your experience.

As always, let us know what you think about it, how you find it is working for you on your preferred browser or device, and feel free to send us any comments or suggestions.  We want to make sure the site is easy for you to use so it is that much easier for us to fulfill any orders or requests you might have.  Browsers and devices are always changing--and we want to make sure that we are at the front of those changes.

Hope you enjoy--and hope you have an awesome homebrew on hand while you browse!



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