The Heat is On, If You Have Time For It...

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It's nearing the official first day of Summer here in Iowa, and the temperatures are slowly but surely rising.  For a lot of folks, this means no time to do anything other than run the kids around town to summer camps or to the myriad of summer school activities going on, finally tilling the garden, building or fixing up the house, and on and on.  By the the time it finally gets nice out, we're crazy busy--which leaves homebrew equipment sitting in the corner sad and neglected...  Be kind to your fermenters--and fill them up before the summer heat really sets in!

Here at BIY, we carry several different quick to make kits that turn out great home brew.  If you have 20-30 minutes (cleanup time included), you have enough time to crank out one of these kits.  If you enjoy beer, check out a no-boil hopped extract kit.  These kits come with a pre-hopped malt extract that you add a little bit of dextrose or dry malt extract to, and let it rip.  Two weeks later bottle it up, and you've got a batch all wrapped up.  These kits are actually VERY similar to the cider kits we carry from Mangrove Jack.  Simply add the apple concentrate, some dextrose, top up and let ferment.  Bottle in two weeks, and you're done!

If beer isn't your thing and you're suffering from empty fermenter syndrome, check out an Island Mist wine kit!  They are sweeter, lower alcohol fruity wines that are ready to drink in about 30 days (we always recommend waiting longer, but sometimes you gotta' do what you gotta' do)  Island Mist kits are similar to other Winexpert products in that you add the juice and some chemicals (all included) into your fermenter, top up, pitch yeast, and let ferment.  They require only one racking for clarification and get bottled at day 30.  Done and done.  We actually have a few Island Mist Hard Pink Lemonade and Limeade kits available--these are a limited edition release and once they're gone--they're gone!  Delicious wine based cocktails ready to drink in 30 days?  Sign us up!

And if that's not enough, if you've still got some time and enjoy extract brewing--check out our new line of BIY Exclusive ingredient kits!  Currently three selections available--all perfect summertime drinkers.  We have the Summer Flight Ale--an awesome brew featuring Falconer's Flight hops and plenty of citrus peel.  We have the American Limelight--which is a classic American Light ale with a hint of lime.  And we also have the Peachy Wheat--which is an awesome American Wheat style brew with a custom-tailored addition of peach flavor.  Best part of it is all these kits should be easy drinking in just 3-4 weeks!

It's going to be a busy summer--make sure your wine cellar or beer dungeon are well stocked before the heat wicks away our will to craft delicious beverages at home.  Hope to see you all here at BIY soon!



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