The All-New is LIVE and Ready to Rock and Roll

Posted by Joseph Williams on

Here we sit home brewers, wine makers, kombucha gurus, and cheese aficionados--having just released the latest, and by far GREATEST, BIY Homebrew Supply website.  Our new site will link to our brick and mortar store, so that if you see it online it should also be in stock at the store.  We're also planning on having orders available to be picked up at the shop within around 2 hours from placing your order online.  We're looking to streamline everything (as you've undoubtedly seen with our new Loyalty program) so that the BIY experience is the best experience it can be.

Let us know what you think about the new site, and as always...



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  • bought my first home brew kit at your Marion store… the books, watched the videos…today is the day..first batch…

    Mitch on

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